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  • From shtetl to Forum January 18, 2020
    Today I’m headed to the 50th World Economic Forum in Davos, where on Tuesday I’ll participate in a panel discussion on “The Quantum Potential” with Jeremy O’Brien of PsiQuantum, and will also host an ask-me-anything session about quantum computational supremacy and Google’s claim to have achieved it. I’m well aware that this will be unlike […]
  • How sensitive can a quantum detector be? January 17, 2020
    Measuring the energy of quantum states requires detecting energy changes so exceptionally small they are hard to pick out from background fluctuations, like using only a thermometer to try and work out if someone has blown out a candle in the room you're in. New research presents sensitive quantum thermometry hitting the bounds that nature […]
  • An alternative argument for why women leave STEM: Guest post by Karen Morenz January 16, 2020
    Scott’s preface: Imagine that every time you turned your blog over to a certain topic, you got denounced on Twitter and Reddit as a privileged douchebro, entitled STEMlord, counterrevolutionary bourgeoisie, etc. etc. The sane response would simply be to quit blogging about that topic. But there’s also an insane (or masochistic?) response: the response that […]
  • What's MER? A new way to measure quantum materials January 16, 2020
    Experimental physicists have combined several measurements of quantum materials into one in their ongoing quest to learn more about manipulating and controlling the behavior of them for possible applications. They even coined a term for it -- magneto-elastoresistance, or MER.
  • Quantum physics: Controlled experiment observes self-organized criticality January 16, 2020
    Researchers have observed important characteristics of complex systems in a lab experiment. Their discovery could facilitate the development of quantum technologies.
  • AlphaZero learns to rule the quantum world January 16, 2020
    The chess world was amazed when the computer algorithm AlphaZero learned, after just four hours on its own, to beat the best chess programs built on human expertise. Now a research group has used the very same algorithm to control a quantum computer.
  • Electron spins in slowly moving quantum dots may be controlled by electric fields January 15, 2020
    A new article presents a theoretical analysis of electron spins in moving semiconductor quantum dots, showing how these can be controlled by electric fields in a way that suggests they may be usable as information storage and processing components of quantum computers.
  • Colloidal quantum dot laser diodes are just around the corner January 14, 2020
    Scientists have incorporated meticulously engineered colloidal quantum dots into a new type of light emitting diodes (LEDs) containing an integrated optical resonator, which allows them to function as lasers. These novel, dual-function devices clear the path towards versatile, manufacturing-friendly laser diodes. The technology can potentially revolutionize numerous fields from photonics and optoelectronics to chemical sensing […]
  • MIP*=RE January 14, 2020
    Here’s the paper, which weighs in at 165 pages. The authors are Zhengfeng Ji, Anand Natarajan, my former postdoc Thomas Vidick, John Wright (who will be joining the CS faculty at UT Austin this fall), and my wife’s former student Henry Yuen. Rather than pretending that I can provide intelligent commentary on this opus in […]
  • How to verify that quantum chips are computing correctly January 13, 2020
    A new method determines whether circuits are accurately executing complex operations that classical computers can’t tackle.
  • France Unveils Proposed National Strategy for Quantum Technologies January 11, 2020
    After several months of hearings in 2019, French Parliament member Paula Forteza has presented a plan to structure a national strategy for quantum technologies. In reviewing the significant investments that have already been started in the United States, United Kingdom, China, Canada, Australia and other countries, France does not want to be left behind. The […]
  • IBM Discusses Quantum Computing Applications and Customers at CES January 9, 2020
    In a large presentation at today’s CES show, IBM described how they are making progress in acquiring customers and working with them to develop applications that will take advantage of quantum computing.  Highlights of their presentation include: They have expanded their IBM Q Network to include over 100 organizations in industries as far ranging as […]
  • IBM Doubles Their Quantum Volume Performance Metric to 32 January 9, 2020
    We had previously reported on IBM’s Quantum Volume metric and their goal of achieving a doubling of this measure every year. This factor takes into account a number of factors including qubit count, qubit quality, qubit connectivity, crosstalk considerations and a number of other factors to provide a relative figure of merit for a quantum […]
  • Quantum Machines Announces its Quantum Orchestration Platform January 7, 2020
    Building a quantum computer requires assembling a lot of different pieces.  This includes the quantum chip, the control electronics and control firmware, mechanical packaging, software, libraries, etc.  The complexity of assembling all these pieces can be a big challenge.  Although a large company like IBM can assemble the diverse set of talent to do all […]
  • Indeterminist physics for an open world January 7, 2020
    Classical physics is characterized by the equations describing the world. Yet our day-to-day experience is struck by this deterministic vision of the world. A physicist has been analyzing the classical mathematical language used in modern physics. He has thrown light on a contradiction between the equations that explained the phenomena and the finite world. He […]
  • Quantum Computing Outlook for 2020 January 3, 2020
    The year 2019 was a busy year in the quantum community with a lot of new developments and announcements.  We are sure that 2020 will be just as busy, if not more so, and expect continued advances.  We have seen some of the roadmaps that folks in the industry have discussed so with our intrepid […]
  • Performance benchmark for quantum computers January 2, 2020
    Researchers have developed a quantum chemistry simulation benchmark to evaluate the performance of quantum devices and guide the development of applications for future quantum computers.
  • Overview December 30, 2019
    Sign up here for Quantum Computing Report Alerts to get a notification when there are updates to this web site. In the coming decade, the field of Quantum Computing will undergo a vast transformation from a largely academic endeavor to one with a greater emphasis on commercialization providing real applications, […]
  • Quantum computing motte-and-baileys December 28, 2019
    In the wake of two culture-war posts—the first on the term “quantum supremacy,” the second on the acronym “NIPS”—it’s clear that we all need to cool off with something anodyne and uncontroversial. Fortunately, this holiday season, I know just the thing to bring everyone together: groaning about quantum computing hype! When I was at the […]
  • In leap for quantum computing, silicon quantum bits establish a long-distance relationship December 26, 2019
    In an important step forward in the quest to build a quantum computer using silicon-based hardware, researchers have succeeded in making possible the exchange of information between two qubits located relatively far apart -- about the length of a grain of rice, which is a considerable distance on a computer chip. Connecting two silicon qubits […]
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