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We find answers in a Quantum World

Quantum Computing is an emerging technology that is still transitioning from academia to the enterprise, thus, we believe that it is crucial to foster education, training, community and content around it to build ecosystems, success stories and, ultimately disruption. Estrapadus LLC, is at the forefront of these efforts.

Estrapadus Advisory – With 20 years of consulting experience we are c-level advisors at heart. We understand new technologies, and we articulate what it means for your business. Preparing for the upcoming quantum computing supremacy is an imperative for every executive and business that might be affected by it, we help you make sense of quantum computing, distinguish facts from hype, develop an action plan with you and implement your first quantum computing experiment.

Estrapadus Content – Without a community, there will be no revolution. Without content, there won’t be a community. It is a very simple equation; quantum computing is highly complex, technical and new. Only if we build a movement and community around it, will we grow the human resources needed to compete for quantum supremacy and survive this paradigm shift. Estrapadus, LLC produces content on quantum computing and thrives to engage the community to contribute and interact.

Estrapadus Education – We’ve seen this all too many times, a new technology comes along, and all the sudden everybody is an expert. With quantum computing this might be deadly to your business – it is too complex, too important, too fast moving for anyone without deep knowledge to understand or keep up with. We can address this for you and your teams through training, workshops, events and content to ensure your organization understand the workings and challenges of quantum computing.

Estrapadus Research – A.I. and blockchain were killed by hype and fake statements, often perpetrated by the large vendors and blindly repeated by newly minted corporate experts. Estrapadus, LLC, produces data driven market research on Quantum Computing to understand, assess, qualify and quantify the ecosystem, the key players, trends, developments and opportunities.

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