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Estrapadus, LLC – domain experts and Quantum Computing believers

Drawing on 20 years of experience in strategy, management and technology across all industries and 3 continents, as well as several startups with millions in funding, we apply our rigorous experience and expertise to help you understand how Quantum Computing will impact business and why you need to get ready NOW if you don’t want to be left behind.

  • Strategic Analysis
  • Technology Benchmarking


  • Financial Modelling
  • Sales & Marketing


  • Operations
  • POCs

⇒ We have deep domain expertise

  • Our founder, experts and partners come from the worlds of Financial Services and Machine Learning with decades of product, software, services and development experience in these fields

⇒ We have deep Quantum Computing expertise

  • We are fanatics. We believe that Quantum Computing will change the world more profoundly and quickly than any other innovation of the last 100 years. We study, research, analyze, talk, breath and sweat Quantum Computing all day long, every day

⇒ We have deep business expertise

  • Our founder and experts have built, grown, managed, exited and ran businesses small and large. Everything that we do is through the business lense – if it doesn’t deliver ROI, then we don’t do it

We are proud of a deep and broad network of partners across the globe that span Quantum Computing hardware, software, consulting, academia and investing.


Estrapadus, LLC makes angel investments in select Quantum Computing ventures that can show an experienced team, a product MVP, and an actionable business plan to deliver revenue.

Investment criteria

  • Founding team combines business & tech experience and expertise.
  • Ability to prove a technology understanding that’s rooted in reality rather than buzzwords.
  • A product MVP or service project/customer.
  • A clear, actionable business plan to generate revenue that relies on market. data, supply/demand and a clear target audience, rather than fantasy.

If you believe that you meet these criteria and that we can help you be successful then please contact us and send a copy of your business plan.

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